Friday, February 03, 2006

Enryu Hyper Rescue Robot Back in the News

The very cool T52 Enryu Support Dragon Hyper Rescue Robot was back in the news this week. Suffering under the weight of record snow, Enryu has been pressed into service as a snowbusting megamachine.

A model tested Thursday in Niigata prefecture, at the heart of Japan's snow country, has two hydraulically operated arms with a reach of 5 meters, each capable of lifting 500 kilograms, according to company spokesman Shiro Fujita.
In the tests, Enryu successfully lifted a car from deep snow and simulated knocking ice and snow off rooftops with the help of a sophisticated, Fujita said.

(From Japan Tests Snow Rescue Robot)

For more details and pix, take a look at my original story T52 Enryu Support Dragon Hyper Rescue Robot - Enryu, a telefactoring rescue robot capable of lifting steel girders and tearing the doors off cars, was demonstrated to the press yesterday.

Printing Meat and the Games of Tomorrow

Posted several new ones yesterday -

Hungry? Print Yourself Some Bacon - If scientists can just about print organs, I can certainly print myself some bacon.

Games Of Tomorrow Built By Players Wiki-Style - The world's megacorporations are counting on you to do the work in the next round of online game creation.

I think I added another technovelgy item from Crashing Suns - just 25 more items and I will have added 1,000 to my database.

De-atomizing Ray - Beam of energy causes matter to fly apart.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Inflatable Concrete Housing (and Larry Niven's Architectural Coral)

This item sounds a lot like Larry Niven's architectural coral - but take a look at Concrete Canvas - Inflatable Concrete Buildings - This great portable shelter lets you create housing anywhere - even if a housing development would look like hundreds of loaves in a baker's window.

Self-Steering Honda Accord ADAS and the Imation Flash Wristband

Couple of new stories today; Honda has brought out a new Accord for sale in the UK market that actually steers itself for brief periods. See Honda Accord ADAS Heinlein Wannabe - We are SO close to Heinlein's Camden Speedster.

Imation has a new Flash memory device. Yes, I know - but this one seems cooler to me. And it also solves a pesky medical informatics problem. See Imation Flash Wristband: Music And Medical Informatics Miracle - Hey, kill two birds with one stone with this cool item.

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my previous post that I also added a "Blog This" feature to all technovelgy items and all SF in the News stories.

Format Changes

I made some format changes to the home page; I shortened the Current Science Fiction in the News section, and added a Stories You Might Have Missed section, just to make sure some good stories aren't buried.

I also added a home page section on the latest new technovelgy on the site. As you might surmise, I've been reading Ray Cummings lately.

Hope you like.