Sunday, April 23, 2006

HIPerWall super display, Bibliochaise and a Flash Mob

Today's new SF in the News:

HIPerWall Highly Interactive Parallelized Display Wall

Think you like your current display? This one might wrap all the way around your dorm room.

Today's new Beyond Technovelgy science news stories

Bibliochaise Armchairlibrary

I could sit and read for a year straight in one of these.

Retrotastic Mobile Office Of The Future

Nifty office concept; still looks a bit retro.

Banned Xbox Commercial Flash Mob Homebrew

Not to be squashed by the bulk of Microsoft, dedicated xboxers use a flash mob to brew their own version of a banned commercial. Live. In public.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Lots to catch up on

Today's new SF in the News

Invention Machine Evolved By Genetic Programming
Artificially intelligent machines design parts for NASA, binoculars and circuit designs. Your so-called creative job is next.

Singularity Summit At Stanford
Must-attend summit at Stanford on the technological Singularity bearing down on all of us like a runaway train.

Synthehol Sought By Psychopharmacologists
Science-fictional alcohol without hangovers and cirrhosis may be within reach, says a UB prof.

Today's new Beyond Technovelgy science news stories

Trophy Active Defense System Not Quite A Force Field
Not exactly a force-field, ADS still acts like one.

Tunnel Cam Robot
Okay, the tunnel cam is not the Mole, let alone Cave Carson's Mighty Mole. But I can dream, can I not?

Do-It-Yourself Microgravity Courtesy Of NASAHow can regular guys be more like those macho astronauts? NASA has found a way.

Hybrid Insect MEMS Sought By DARPA For Bug Army
DARPA rejects previous efforts and exhorts scientists to really think different in it's insect cyborg army idea.

Eurotech WWPC (Wrist Wearable PC ) Beats Tracy's
Calling all cars! The WWPC is not just a radio, but a Linux or Windows CE device.

Autotelematic Spider Bots
These spider bots are much friendlier looking than the killer-spider-robots seen earlier this week.

Today's new technovelgy items from science fiction books

A device that translated speech and typed it out for you.
(From The Lost Language [1934] by David H. Keller)

Total Environmental and Mental Simulator
An AI that could create and discard whole branches of science in pursuing the answer to a problem.
(From Crown of Infinity [1968] by John M. Faucette)

Interests Profile
An intelligent agent; a software program with your personal tastes on file.
(From The Age of The Pussyfoot [1965] by Frederik Pohl)

A networked personal digital assistant - that really is an assistant.
(From The Age of The Pussyfoot [1965] by Frederik Pohl)

A drink that comes unflavored in a container; twist the cap to add flavor.
(From SOLACE [1998] by Jeff Noon)


A handheld device that printed legal currency on the spot.
(From Return from the Stars [1961] by Stanislaw Lem)